Missionhouse Intern, Missionheart Canberra


Position Title: Missionhouse Intern

Reports To: Jason Hayduk, Mission Leader and the Leadership Community of Missionheart

Commitment: To live-in at Missionhouse for 1 year to 18 months, this is a volunteer position

Location: Missionhouse, Canberra ACT.

Position Overview: An intern for Missionhouse should show a desire to serve those who are in need of ongoing intensive support and discipleship. Missionhouse is a ministry of Missionheart, a discipleship community established to love and support people who are struggling with a range of life-controlling issues. An intern will live on-site and participate in the life of the community, taking on tasks as directed. As with all teams at Missionhouse, an intern will be expected to agree to and abide by our Workers Guidelines and be accountable to our Leadership Community.

Personal Qualities:

  • Committed to studying with ACOM and serving the Missionhouse community
  • Teachable, with a desire to learn and grow in skills, faith, and maturity
  • A personal relationship with Jesus and a passion to serve
  • Is able to work as part of a team and receive direction, as well as work independently at times
  • Can relate well to people of all ages, is warm and caring
  • Biblical faith influences every part of their life, having high moral and Biblical standards, living as an example to all believers
  • Has sound character and maturity, can take initiative, and is self-motivated
  • Is available and flexible, to adjust to changes and additional needs as they arise
  • Is willing to abide by the Missionheart Workers Guidelines and be accountable to the Missionheart Leadership Community
  • A driver’s Licence and owning a vehicle is desirable but not necessary
  • Is physically able to help around the property.

An intern will live onsite at Missionhouse and participate in the daily rhythms of the community:

  • Morning prayer times
  • Sharing evening meals together
  • Communion as a community weekly
  • Team meetings
  • Working Bees
  • Assist with cleaning and cooking duties as rostered
  • Help disciple participants in the program by being available for one-to-one mentoring, courses and support groups
  • Attending Missionheart’s weekly Gathering at the Park on a Sunday and becoming part of the Missionheart community
  • Contributing towards rent, utilities, and food
  • Enjoying Sabbath times

Additional Ministry Opportunities exist:

  • At the Gathering, our Sunday gathering in the park
  • At our drop-in centre during the week and with the mobile mission team
  • As part of the Missionhouse Action Team
  • Through participating in our discipleship groups and courses at Missionhouse and in the broader life of Missionheart

Supports and Additional Learning:

  • Study at ACOM
  • Being a part of courses and groups at Missionhouse
  • Meeting with a mentor
  • Accountable to and supported by the Mission Leader and the Leadership Community

Outcomes of the Internship:

  • A deeper relationship with God
  • To know themselves better
  • A deeper commitment to growing discipleship communities
  • Spiritual growth and confidence in using spiritual gifts
  • Increased skills in loving and caring for different people groups
  • Acquiring/improving skills in leading groups, discipling and living in the Christian community
  • A certificate of completion and a reference for the future

Interns will be required to do a police check, have a Working with Vulnerable People Card, and participate in a Creating Safe Spaces workshop. Prospective Interns will have an interview and will have the opportunity to spend some time visiting with us before commencing as an intern.

Type: Volunteer

Category: Intern

Reference ID: RS000203

Date Posted: 14/10/2022