A Camouflaged Life in Christ

05 Feb 2016

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However, we don’t transform society simply by preaching at people. Sometimes we live under the illusion that if we speak it, others will listen and faithfully respond. How complex is the journey of discipleship, the proclamation of the kingdom and the outworking of mission throughout this great land we call Australia?

James Houston, the founding principal of Regent College in Vancouver reminds us that the journey is perilous with respect to our inner motivations….

‘The desire “to be as God” (eritis sicut Dei) is a perversion of the core of our being; it is a refusal to be truly human. This is the meaning of sin – the perversion of our imagination and actions to be anything but creaturely. Sin is never content with being “hidden with Christ in God” (Col 2:3) for our creaturely condition requires humility as we stand under the Creator’s way of being. Our sinful temptation is to seek superiority over others, to want equality with God, to try to make religious “deals” with him, to insatiably desire conspicuous glory.’

True transformation – fresh hope, gains credibility by being camouflaged in Christ. Want to change the world? Then offer Jesus not self and our culture will immediately take note. To this end we offer ourselves, humbly submitted, salt and light in a hurting world.

Dr Andrew Ball