A computer course changed Pallavi’s life

01 Jan 1970

Image: Computer courses, Hosanna Ministries, India

From Global Mission Partners (GMP)

Pallavi lives with her mother and two sisters in Ambernath, in eastern Mumbai, India. After her father’s death, her mother became very ill. Pallavi’s older sister dropped out of school to financially support her family, making her the family’s sole earner.

Pallavi also needed a job to support her family. Without completing her education, however, Pallavi would have been restricted to manual labour, working in small stores, packing food grains or cleaning.

Pallavi (pictured left) dreamed of doing more than manual labour. She wanted to learn how to use a computer.

When Pallavi met the social workers from hosanna Ministries doing an outreach in their community, the workers told Pallavi about a computer course she could enrol in.

“I always wanted to gain computer skills but, due to financial problems, I could not afford these courses,” she said.

Thanks to partners like you who support projects like Hosanna Ministries, Pallavi enrolled in the computer course.

Learning how to use a computer changed Pallavi’s life. “I was able to complete the basic computer course, which has helped me get a small job in a local grocery store,” Pallavi said.

Palavi achieved her dream. She isn’t a manual labourer! Pallavi has a desk job maintaining the stock of a grocery store where she works together with her older sister.

Pallavi now has a new goal to reach. After completing the basic computer course, she was encouraged to complete a higher computer education course. Pallavi said, “Now I am pursuing my Tally (accounting software) course through Hosanna Ministries.”

Pallavi is confident that, after completing the Tally course, she will get a “decent job in nearby offices or companies that will help support my mother and my sisters”.

Getting an accounting job in the department of any company would be a ‘big’ achievement for Pallavi.

“This will help us increase our family income and standard of living. Also, we can make sure that my younger sister (16-years-old) completes her schooling and a college degree,” Pallavi explained.

Completing the computer course gave Pallavi new confidence and hope for her future. “I am very grateful to all the donors who have generously sponsored the computer education,” she reflected.

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