A Pilgrims Way

14 Apr 2019

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Thus says the Lord: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.” – Jeremiah 6:16

For the past 12 months I have been talking to ministering people in our movement – chaplains, church planters, church leaders – and I am deeply encouraged by their desire to love and serve Jesus “for the long haul”.

But as is well attested in our own experiences, there is much in the work of ministry that can diminish our sustainability and well-being as a leader.

My role has been to explore how we might support and resource leaders further, not just doing what has always been done, but to try to forge new pathways.

And so last month, we launched the pilot group of A Pilgrim’s Way.

A Pilgrim’s Way is built on three convictions. Firstly, that to be leaders of integrity and who lead from spiritual depth, we must prioritise the care of our own souls. Secondly, that forging communities of deep trust are places in which the deep transformational work of the Spirit in our lives can flourish. Thirdly, if we fail to attend to the inner life of our leadership, we will not be able to lead healthy communities and unlikely to be found thriving in “the long haul”. 

A Pilgrim’s Way is a 12-month retreat journey for men and women in leadership who long to explore deeper places in their personal and ministry life. Who long to keep awake to God’s call, activity and invitation to his people in his work on earth. Its goal is to deepen our capacity to lead our communities with increased wisdom, capacity and innovation.

This is a journey that seeks to offer professional development “from the inside out”. To give attention to developing the skills for the inner journey that will deepen our capacity to discern God’s presence and activity, to act courageously in alignment with God’s mission, to lead people in vulnerability and strength, to live more intentionally dependent on Jesus in our daily life and leadership.

These things do not happen because we are clever or charismatic, but because we know how to keep returning to the deepest well as the source of our own life, faith, hope.

Anne Simpson
Consultant – Formation & Resilience for Ministers

Our next group will be starting in July. For more information click here.