Alongside with Leon

14 Dec 2017

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Article by Naomi Giles, Chair of Mission & Ministry Board

Leon Munro carries the encouragement and the presence of God to ministry leaders across NSW and the ACT.  His warmth and grace exudes through his smile and embrace as he gives deeply of himself to support those who minister on the front line of our Fresh Hope movement.

As Leader of the Minister’s Care Network for the past 9 years, Leon has developed deep connections with ministry leaders as he has journeyed with them in the very best and the very worst of circumstances.

Leon has been in the trenches among our leaders, meeting face to face or on the end of the phone, offering support, a listening ear, prayer and encouragement.

“I have loved my role. I feel like I’ve been right where God wanted me and I’ve never had a day when I’ve doubted that, even when circumstances were challenging,” says Leon.

Leon reflects that it has been wonderful to be a part of the Fresh Hope team in a time where there’s been a great focus on building relational and ministry connections between pastors and also to the Fresh Hope movement and team.

“I think we’re in a better place now, and I’ve loved being a part of seeing that growth,” says Leon.

Leon points to God’s empowerment as the fuel that has kept him going throughout the years of this ministry role.

“I feel God has gifted me to be able to connect deeply with people. He has helped open the way and built the trust, so that my time spent with leaders could go deeper than what you might expect,” says Leon.

Leon also credits his wife Luba as his partner in ministry, her support and intercessory gifts often provided insight and a breakthrough at vital times.

“Sometimes Luba would wake me up at 4am in the morning and prompt me to pray, often for a pastor she didn’t know at all.  Later in the day, I’d call that leader and find that they were in the middle of a tough time and that my contact assured them others cared and above all, that God cared,” he shares.

Leon’s journey alongside leaders has changed him too. He reflects how he is now so aware of how important it is to soak his life in the presence and power of God, taking time to just ‘be’ rather than ‘do’.

“It’s the best guidance I can give to any leader. Spend time with God and go deeper. When we do that, we are able to sit in God’s presence even in the hardest circumstances,” Leon says.

Leon is about to head off on break, and will have his final day with Fresh Hope in February. After six months of rest, Leon senses in his spirit that God may just have another assignment for him.

“I’m not sure how God will shape the future, but I sense He has more for me yet and I am looking forward to continuing to offer myself to Him for his purposes.”