Appointment of CEO for Churches of Christ Community Care

10 Dec 2020

Dear Ministry Partners,

I trust you and your loved ones are well as we approach the Christmas season. 

As you are aware, Dr. Andrew Ball made the decision to not take up a further contract in his role as Executive Ministry Director of Fresh Hope and Conference Executive and our Conference Churches appointed Daz Farrell as his successor. This change has provided Conference Executive the opportunity to review the structure and the operational design of Fresh Hope into the future. With this in mind Conference Executive established a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role to create clear reporting lines and areas of accountability for our Profit for Purpose entity ‘Churches of Christ Community Care’. Last week, Conference Executive appointed Daniel Dwyer the CEO. Dan (pictured right) is already an asset to Fresh Hope and has shown exceptional leadership by helping pioneer changes and establishing roles and teams in Finance, ICT, Risk & Compliance, Culture & Transformation and Fresh Hope Properties among other achievements.
In his role as CEO, Daniel will oversee the ‘Profit for Purpose’ and charitable PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) activities undertaken by Fresh Hope, to ensure that they are consistent with Fresh Hope’s purpose and Christian ethos and comply with Churches of Christ Community Care’s Board Charter and Delegations framework. In conjunction with the Churches of Christ Community Care Board, the CEO will have oversight of legal and regulatory requirements (Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, Australian Taxation Office). More specifically, alongside this Board, the CEO shall provide strategic direction, financial oversight, sector specific capabilities, oversee people and culture, risk management, compliance and audit and communications and marketing. As the CEO, Daniel will report to the Board and Conference Executive.
The establishment of the CEO role and appointment of Daniel will release the newly appointed Executive Ministry Director, Daz Farrell, to bring focused spiritual leadership to the important ministry activities of Fresh Hope. These areas of responsibility include the Fresh Hope Mission and Ministry Agency, Church of Christ Participating Group in the National Redress Scheme, the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) and Code of Conduct for Ministering Persons, and important governance and spiritual input into ACOM and the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Australia.  The Executive Ministry Director will have spiritual oversight and input into these activities on behalf of Conference Executive, allowing them to focus on the spiritual leadership of the Fresh Hope movement, including the ‘Profit for Purpose’ space. The new structure relieves the EMD of commercial operational responsibility whilst maintaining close partnership between all ministry and Profit for Purpose activities
We believe this is an essential change that builds on the legacy of Fresh Hope and Churches of Christ in NSW & the ACT, and positions Fresh Hope for the future with robust governance and stewardship. We acknowledge that we are entering a season of transition but want to express that our intention is to hold and steward the truth of what God has entrusted us with due-diligence, whole-heartedness and compassion.
We are confident Dan will aid the future orientation of ‘Churches of Christ Community Care’ in the role of CEO. Please join me in congratulating Dan.
God bless,

Victor Tee

Conference President of Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT