Ashley Fell’s eight social trends for 2022

18 Apr 2022

Photo: Ashley Fell, Director of Advisory, McCrindle Research


Ashley Fell is host of The Future Report podcast and Director of Advisory at McCrindle Research.

Ashley recently shared with Fresh Hope eight social trends for 2022. These trends highlight some significant social changes in Australia, particularly in urban contexts, after cities have endured lockdowns over two years.

Ashley’s insights help us to grapple with what people in our cities are dealing with and adapting to this year.

We have highlighted four of the eight social trends in our video conversations with Ashley that seem to directly inform our approach to ministry in 2022.

Listen to Ashley speaking on Intentional Lifestyling, Revenge Spending, Relational Fitness and Metaverse by clicking the links below:


Video 1: Intentional Lifestyling

Video 2: Revenge Spending

Video 3: Relational Fitness

Video 4: Metaverse


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