Basic Pastoral Care for Churches

06 Mar 2019

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This year, Fresh Hope Engage is excited to launch a new course entitled “Basic Pastoral Care for Churches”.

The aim of this course is to equip church members with the formation and basic skills needed to provide pastoral care to their community. Participants in the training will:

  • Learn the foundations and spiritual formation critical for a role in pastoral care
  • Have the opportunity to reflect on their suitability for pastoral care
  • Gain insights into how Jesus pastorally cared
  • Learn a Biblical approach to pastoral care and best practice
  • Practice skills in pastoral care and their application
  • Practical insights to pastorally help people with mental health issues

The course consist of 2 hours sessions over a 4 week period and has also been designed as an introduction to the Fresh Hope Care Volunteer Pastoral Care training.

The first training has just been completed at Kingsford Church of Christ where church members trained have been encouraged to get alongside people from the local community attending the Table@399 project. The course has been developed specifically to equip church members with the basic skills in pastoral care so this can be offered to members of the community that the church is seeking to care for and serve. 

It is exciting to see the vision of pastoral care alongside the provision of physical care coming to fruition. If your church is interested in this training, please contact Fresh Hope Engage on (02) 8573 6030 or by emailing

Kingsford Church of Christ on completion of the Basic Pastoral Care Training