Being Adventurous Requires Genuine Relationships

09 Jul 2015

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I sense that our world is increasingly fragmented relationally. How we take time to proactively nurture our family relationships and friendships requires intentional and disciplined proactivity. We too easily neglect that which we should treasure. We find ourselves consumed with little margin to ‘be’ together in the sacredness of genuine relationship.

I am reminded that Jesus called twelve disciples to follow him in relationship. Their call was far deeper than simply belonging together. They were nurtured in an environment of high trust which precipitated genuine relationship with God as Father, Jesus as Teacher and Master and the Spirit as Counsellor and Helper.

Anytime is a good time to audit your relationships to determine your own level of connectedness or isolation. We all need friends and genuine community. The true task of discipleship is to model genuine relationships to a world that is craving friendship.

May God in His grace grant you robust, life-long genuine relationships and friendships. We need one another to be all that God wants us to be.

Dr Andrew Ball