Celebration of Eden Church of Christ

04 Oct 2017

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Recently I had the privilege of attending the closure and celebration weekend of Eden Church of Christ. You may well ask, why was this a privilege? This was a weekend event to be remembered as we celebrated the life and mission of this kingdom outpost.

As I stood and looked through a window into this organic expression of simple church, I saw and heard stories of people who had not only heard the gospel but had lived out and responded to an invitation to encounter God’s love through the experience of biblical community.

This quote came from a couple who publicly shared how grateful they were for this expression and redemptive witness at Eden.

“Our highlight was John’s return to Christ for the first time since his school days more than 50 years earlier, and his baptism by Brian in the chilly waters of the Nullica River in 2001. The whole community welcomed and encouraged him.”

Brian and Bronwyn Dixon and their lives at Eden are examples of modern day missionaries who lived, loved and reflected the hope of the gospel to everyone they connected with. I heard stories and saw pictures of 11 baptisms.

This small church was prayerfully and practically connected to God’s mission beyond Eden. A church planter from Canberra, Brent Smith, attended the celebration and wrote this reflection.

“Eden Church of Christ were the biggest supporters of Redhill Church (outside the Redhill community), both through prayer and finances. Brian has been amazing in the way he supported us. He would visit us in Canberra a few times every year to see how we were going and encourage us in the church plant. We’ve laughed, cried, celebrated and prayed together for nearly 8 years! It was a real honor to be there for the last gathering before his “retirement”. It is so encouraging to know that he is continuing to serve the town of Eden, contributing to the broader community and promoting the gospel! We are so thankful for Brian and the Eden Church of Christ for their partnership with us over the years! We love you Brian!”

The season for the Eden Church of Christ is officially closed, however kingdom opportunities never stop. Brian has retired in Eden but continues to be a dynamo for the King and Kingdom in schools, community service groups and wherever he goes. He continues to reflect the one who loves him and has called him by name. This is his lifelong mission.

John Crowther
Director | Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry