Creating our Chaplaincy Database


Hello chaplains across churches of Christ communities in NSW & ACT!

My name is Bruce Tindale. I am the Chaplaincy Ministry Leader on the Network Resource Team of churches of Christ in NSW & ACT. This simply means my role is to support chaplains, like yourself, across our network.

I am excited to make your acquaintance soon and to explore how we can connect with and support you in your ministry.

I am in the process of building a database of chaplains across our NSW & ACT network.

The purpose of this database is to help our team build a sense of belonging for chaplains within our network, to open communication with you and keep you appraised of upcoming opportunities, and most importantly, to enable us to pastorally care for you where needed.

The chaplaincy database will include the name, contact details, and roles of current salaried and volunteer chaplains across our network of churches – including those that serve through our churches of Christ chaplaincy program and those who serve with other organisations (I.e. any member of a church of Christ who serves with the Generate organisation or who may be a Police Chaplain, Sports Chaplain, or with any other organisation).

If you would like to connect with me and our network of chaplains, please fill out the fields below so we can reach out to you soon.


Bruce Tindale
Chaplaincy Ministry Leader
churches of Christ NSW & ACT




Chaplaincy Form

To gather information on chaplains in our network who are not employed by us but are in our churches.


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