Check the expiry of your WWCC!

11 Jul 2018

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Expiring WWCC’s
The NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) system is now five years old, meaning those who were amongst the first to register will now be expiring. It is important that all people involved in children’s ministry and youth ministry have their WWCC renewed. Once a WWCC has been renewed, it must also be re-verified by the local church (and also by the Fresh Hope office for Endorsed Ministers and SRE teachers).

Churches should check to see who will soon have their WWCC expire, and encourage those people to renew. Once the WWCC is renewed, the church is responsible to re-verify each person.

Personal details must be updated
Everyone who holds a Check is now legally required to update their contact details, including any name or address changes, within three months – just like your drivers licence. And like your licence, penalties will apply for people who don’t update. Updating your details is simple – go to and follow the directions. You can even find your Check number here if you don’t have it on hand.