Employment and Pay

Whether you have just started your ministry journey, or you’re leading a flourishing church community, a skilled and engaged ministry team can support and lead the mission to share the love of God.

One of the most challenging areas for local churches is of the role of the employer.

When you employ ministry and other staff it’s important to understand and keep-up-to-date with legal and regulatory responsibilities such as:

The churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Employment Guide for Ministers

The churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Employment Guide for Ministers has been developed by our Network Resource Team with the support of our corporate human resources and payroll teams.

The Employment Guide is a framework to help our church leaders who need to employ ministers and other staff. In the Guide, you will find information to help you in the areas below:

Recruitment guidelines

  • Advertising positions
  • Selection process
  • Employment checks – Police Check, Working with Children Check, Visa Check
  • Employment contract
  • Appointment of a minister – Ministry Employment Agreement

The Ministry Employment Agreement confirms a minister’s terms of employment. It’s the basis of the partnership between the minister and the church and should be kept under review.

The Fair Work Information Statement outlines an employee’s basic rights under the law.  All employees must receive a copy of this statement when they start. 

Read more about the  National Employment Standards.

Conditions of employment

  • Code of Conduct
  • Leave and hours of work
  • Husband and wife ministries
  • Workers’ compensation and superannuation

State Insurance Regulatory Authority regulates workers’ compensation insurance in NSW.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has information for employers on employee leave entitlements and working hours.

Paying ministers and staff

  • Remuneration levels
  • Minister’s accommodation
  • Salary packaging
  • Exempt benefits and GST
  • Expenses

Remuneration levels for ministers are approved each year by the churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Conference Executive and are available by contacting our Network Resource Team HERE or payroll teams. 

Other church employees are employed under the relevant employment award which outlines the pay rates and conditions of employment.

Ministry review, evaluation, and development

  • Endorsement
  • Mentoring and spiritual direction
  • Ongoing Professional Development
  • Review and evaluation

Ending employment

Ministers and staff may choose to leave your ministry for various reasons such as a call to another ministry position, other employment opportunities, or possibly for health or personal reasons. 

Your ministry may also find it necessary to terminate a minister or staff member.

As a church leader, you need to be aware of the entitlements of the minister or staff member and the legal obligations of the church.  See Fair Work – Ending Employment.

Keeping staff and church records

It is important that you maintain accurate records in relation to church employee files, payslips and payroll calculations.  See Fair Work – Record-keeping.

Employment Guide

CCNSWACT Employment Guidelines 2023

church of Christ in NSW & ACT Templates

These templates are available from our Network Resource Team:

  • Church Profile template
  • Position Description template
  • Contract of Employment template

Resources downloads

Australian Tax Office (ATO) – Fringe benefits tax

Australian Tax Office (ATO) – Superannuation

Australian Tax Office (ATO) – Tax tables

Department of Home Affairs – Visa checks

Department of Social Security – Social Security Guide: Ministers of Religion

Fair Work Commission

Fair Work Ombudsman