National Redress Scheme

Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT is committed to fair and just outcomes for survivors of child sexual abuse in its institutional settings. We abhor all forms of abuse, particularly abuse towards children, and take allegations of abuse very seriously.

All churches and ministries that have been active and affiliated with our network since June 2018 have joined the National Redress Scheme. Some have joined via our own participating group, and others have chosen to join via other participating groups. We are pleased to see this level of buy-in from each of our locally governed churches as a demonstration of their own ongoing commitment to protecting vulnerable people.

If you have experienced sexual abuse as a child in the context of a church of Christ located in NSW or the ACT, you are encouraged to seek out more information from the National Redress Scheme. The Scheme provides support for those who are considering making a claim. Applications are kept in the strictest confidentiality, and support is available if required.

Direct Personal Responses

If your claim is accepted by the National Redress Scheme, you are entitled to request a Direct Personal Response (DPR) from the relevant institution(s). More information can be found here.

If you would like to engage in a DPR, the first step is to make contact with our Redress Participating Group Representative (Ross Stewart), who will discuss the next steps toward the DPR.

Ross will also discuss whether we can invite an independent third-party counselor to assist you and us in establishing what our respective expectations are for the DPR.

We take a trauma-informed approach regarding DPRs. Our posture is to engage in each DPR in a caring, meaningful and sincere way. The process proceeds at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Making contact regarding a DPR may be a difficult thing to do. We encourage you to make contact whenever you are ready. You may find it beneficial to have a support person with you when you first make contact.

If you have any enquires regarding churches of Christ in NSW & ACT participation in the National Redress Scheme, please reach out to our Redress Participating Group Representative via (02) 8570 6079 or