Special Religious Education

Churches of Christ in NSW and ACT is a Department of Education Approved Provider of SRE and a member of the Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS).

We believe it is both a great privilege and responsibility to invest into the lives of children and young people across NSW. It is our privilege because we know that educating children in faith and life values will assist them in growing into well rounded, responsible and caring people.

Teacher eligibility

We also take the responsibility seriously, by ensuring that all teachers that we authorise have a cleared Working With Children Check (WWCC), appropriate training in child protection, understanding in basic classroom teaching and are well equipped to deliver age-appropriate lessons to school-aged children. Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT SRE teachers must also gain the endorsement of their local church before being authorised by our Network Resourcing Team. The authorisation map and process can be found below.

SRE Teacher Authorisation Map

SRE Teacher Authorisation Process

Our teachers are often part of a combined arrangement, whereby they are also cross-authorised by the other local churches in the vicinity of the school in which they teach. Through this approach, all local protestant churches have a unified approach in serving their local school(s). Cross-authorisation can be completed using this form, or any other cross-authorisation form from another Approved Provider.

Teacher applications

SRE Teacher Applications can be requested by emailing us HERE.

Teacher training & continuous improvement

Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT partners with Godspace (NSW/ACT Baptist Association) to provide minimum training, however these documents are made available to churches of Christ in NSW & ACT teachers and the community.

For a list of upcoming training dates, visit this website.


In addition to this training, we also undertake an annual review of SRE teaching which may include teacher self-reflection, student feedback, classroom observation, supervisor feedback, mentor support and adherence to the authorised curriculum.

The review process will guide the focus for ongoing teacher training, and the topics identified will be included in the annual assurance to the department.


Complaints relating to SRE teacher conduct, or curriculum content are taken very seriously. The churches of Christ in NSW & ACT SRE Complaint Policy & Procedures outlines the process, with an indicator of the timeframe in which a complaint should be resolved. The complaint form can be found HERE.

SRE curricula

Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT partners with multiple Approved Curriculum Providers in delivering appropriate lessons to students. Details regarding schools, the curriculum used, and the Authorised Approver can be found HERE.