Churches of Christ Property Trust seeks two new members

30 Aug 2022

Photo: Steven Martin, Chair of the Property Trust and Lead Pastor, Living Hope Maitland Church of Christ.


The Churches of Christ Property Trust is seeking new members to help steward our Network’s financial and property resources in the service of local churches.

“The Property Trust helps to build churches by providing low-cost loans, helps to grow churches with grants and holds property in trust to help ensure that the land and buildings people gave sacrificially for are always used for the cause of restoration,” said Steven Martin, Chair of the Property Trust and Lead Pastor at Living Hope Maitland Church of Christ.

“Serving on the Trust is a ministry to churches, so the foremost attribute required of Trust members is a heart for God. After that, we are looking for people with diverse experience to help us make good decisions. If you have a legal, construction, conveyancing or financial services background, that is helpful. If you have a pastoral or ministry background, that’s helpful too!



Patricia Chan (pictured right) serves on the Property Trust and has a background in finance, operations, building and infrastructure, and business administration.

“It is great to serve with a group of like-minded professionals invested in helping churches thrive in achieving their mission,” she said. “God gives us different gifts and talents, and we can utilise these gifts in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of God’s church, but I think the best attribute a potential Board member can bring is their spiritual maturity, discernment and ultimately a pastoral heart.”

Andrew Billing brings his lending background to the Property Trust and finds it very rewarding to serve God and assist churches by bringing his experience to discussions.

“It is rewarding to serve God in perhaps not the most usual way,” he said. “The Board papers aren’t short, and there is much to discuss at each meeting. While experience in certain areas can be of assistance, I think being prepared to spend time on each agenda item in reading and reflection, considering God’s will, is important. We work as a team and have to be able to take into consideration many varying views, not holding too firmly to our own sometimes.”

The two openings on the Trust are partial-term vacancies expiring in November 2023 (one year) and November 2029 (seven years), respectively, to be filled at the upcoming AGM on Tuesday 15 November 2022.


Nomination Forms 

If you are nominating someone for the Property Trust, please complete the Nomination Form, the Nomination Consent Form and Nomination Endorsement Form.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact James Cartwright, Corporate Secretary & Executive Officer of the Property Trust, on 0437 415 931 or

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