COVID-19 and the next generation: An interview with Ashley Fell from McCrindle Research

27 Sep 2021

By Gil Corr


This pandemic season has been significant for all of us. Lifestyles have changed for good, new language has been introduced to our vernacular, new industries have emerged while others have fallen. Complex debates have come to the fore around social responsibility, new technologies, and how we do life. For everyone, these past few years have been momentous.

But for our future generations, this historical moment hasn’t just been something to live through; it’s been something that will define their coming of age. For the emerging generations, this will define their worldview, culture, lifestyle and engagement with the gospel unlike any other generation.

We were able to speak with Ashley Fell, Director of Advisory for McCrindle Research and co-author of Generation Alpha: Understanding our Children and Helping them thrive. Ashley has a wealth of knowledge on how this pandemic has affected our younger generations and what that means for leaders of faith communities today.

How has change fatigue from this pandemic affected generation Z and Alpha? Has this been different from other generations? 

This global pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on a worldwide scale. From how we shop, to how we work, engage in community, learn, educate, contribute and lead, COVID-19 and our response is marking a significant societal shift. The impacts of which will be felt even after the virus is kept under control. All of this change is truly unprecedented, especially for the