Crisis in Ukraine

29 Mar 2022

Photo: Marek Charis and his wife, Zofia, from Lublin Church of Christ, Poland

The Fellowship of Churches of Christ is related to many congregations in the Ukraine and in Poland.  The churches in Poland are working round the clock to help those who have come to Poland as refugees.  In early March, Martin Robinson, our National Moderator, spoke on the phone to two leaders in Poland who gave an indication of the work that FCC churches are undertaking with Ukrainian refugees.

 Marek Charis is a former ForMission student and Ministers along with his wife Zofia and their family at the Church of Christ in Lublin which is very close to the border with Ukraine.  Andrzej Bajenski is the National Head Pastor of Churches of Christ, Poland.

Andrzej sends this message to our FCC Churches.

Image: Andrzej Bajenski, National Head Pastor of Churches of Christ, Poland.

Greetings from Warsaw

Twenty-one days of war in Ukraine are behind us. From the very first moment, the things that are happening just beyond our eastern border have completely changed the course of the lives of not only millions of Ukrainians, but also of Poles. 

Over two million refugees crossed the Polish border. Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Łodz and other large cities have become hubs for hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking shelter, accommodation, and food. Warsaw alone hosts over 400,000 newcomers, mainly women with 2-4 children. 

In these tragic moments, I am sharing the good news about the great openness, compassion and commitment of our churches and society. Tears of regret and compassion are mixed with tears of joy in helping and supporting. God touches the hearts of Polish society. 

Our five larger churches in Warsaw and many smaller ones all over Poland are in the first line in helping. All rooms, except the main meeting rooms, are covered with mattresses for temporary overnight stays. Meals are served, clothes are distributed, and photocopied documents are needed to obtain residence and work permits. Many families also open their flats for refugees. Some congregations rent apartments especially for families with many children. 

Our church ministries, such as the charitable Doing Good Mission, are working at top speed and we hope they will endure doing good. Currently, they arrange Children’s Corners in large halls converted into night shelters for many thousands. 

Some of our churches have become relief leaders in their local communities. Over 180 young people found shelter in our Ostróda Camp. Nearly 300 in Camp Zakosciele. Small churches host several families. Many volunteers go to the border with Ukraine, taking necessities and bringing refugees from the border. 

We know that the UK has also opened up to refugees from Ukraine, but if some churches of Christ wanted to support us in helping us in this absolutely overwhelming challenge, which looks more like a marathon than a sprint, we will of course be grateful. 

Blessings to you and the British congregations,

Andrzej Bajeński 

First published in FCC Newsletter 

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