06 Aug 2015

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There have been many times where personally I have found myself critiquing a situation only to realise that my input is not helping. 

It is far easier to critique the actions of another, or comment on a new venture from afar, without rolling up one’s sleeves and getting involved. I fear our culture has bred successive generations of critics who like to critique!    

If the church is to have any hope of getting back onto the coalface or frontier of ministry, this must be arrested, since we are inadvertently creating discouragement for those seeking to change the world.   

So, if I may aptly remind myself and you – if you want to critique anyone, start with yourself. When have you chosen to contribute to a solution rather than define a problem? When have you acted in grace realising that not everyone may be as good as you are at a particular task or project? When have you contributed rather than critiqued? 

In many ways I feel this is a timely prophetic word for the church. Let’s pray that God shakes us up so that we make important contributions to the strategic energy of the church, so that the church adopts an adventurous spirit. Personally I have discovered this is the place where one experiences the most hope and joy.   

May the Kingdom advance because of our contributions serving God.

Andrew Ball