How God called upon me and saved me

23 Feb 2023

Image: Eduard Gall from Chatswood Church of Christ.

I was born and raised in Slovakia and was introduced to Christianity at an early age.  My believing in Jesus was instant but I never really followed Jesus.  

When I was 14, I started smoking and, shortly afterwards, drinking. By my late 20s I knew that something in my life was very wrong. I started questioning, “Is this all there is? Is this the meaning of my life?”

No matter how hard I tried to change my lifestyle there was always something missing and I couldn’t find out what it was. I was still unhappy and sometimes in depression. 

When I was 32, I came to Australia. I quit smoking, learned English and learned how to work and live on my own. A few years later I started a relationship with a nice girl – I liked her a lot and wanted to make her happy.  

One evening I was invited to my friend’s house and I accidentally revealed her secret that I had promised not to tell anyone. On top of that one of my friends was making fun of her and I did nothing to defend her.  She found out and I tried to apologise but she didn’t accept. She was so angry and broke up with me. I had never seen her like this before and it terrified me. For three days I was tormenting myself about what happened and why it happened but I couldn’t find a way to fix it.  

On the third day I went to bed and was replaying the whole story in my head again when a thought came into my head. It was one word: “PRAY”.  This thought surprised me because I had not prayed for at least 25 years. But it was a nice idea and I said, “Why not?”  I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and I told God what happened. Basically, I confessed. I felt guilt and remorse. I told him everything and fell asleep. 

The next morning I woke up with a joy and peace in me. I didn’t have to think about my broken relationship anymore. My broken heart lasted only three days. Initially, I had no idea what happened to me but I liked this feeling that I had never felt before. Later on I found out that God saved me. This was His biggest and greatest unexpected gift that He has given me to this date.  I was saved by God’s grace and the void in me was filled with God’s love.

Slowly but surely the Spirit has been turning me from this world to God. He has been helping me, shaping me, teaching me and leading me to become a better person.

Let me encourage you: turn to Jesus Christ and give Him your heart. He will show you that your life has meaning and that you have a mission here. 


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