Down Not Out // Chris Cipollone

08 Jun 2018

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Those of us who are parents are justifiably proud of the milestones that our children achieve. On reaching adulthood, milestone achievements are less frequent but generally more significant. When your son authors a book that addresses sensitivities around anxiety and depression from a personal perspective, it is a milestone event and I am proud of his achievement. It’s not my intention to promote this book only because my son Chris wrote it. It deals with a subject that many Christians struggle to reconcile. That is, how do we, who have God’s promises through Christ, deal with the lingering dark times? Chris is an Anglican Minister, a husband and the father of four. The book review by Gary Millar, Principal of Queensland Theological College is an apt description of the book “Down Not Out”.

“This book is beautifully straightforward, deeply honest and consistently profound. Chris Cipollone not only gives us a gentle yet compelling insight into the world of depression and anxiety, but consistently and winsomely points us to the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom real and ultimate answers are to be found. It may not take long to read this book, but the time invested will change the way you think and respond to mental-health issues, whether in your life, your family or the church.”                       

Check out Chris’ website for more information, or grab a copy here

Peter Cipollone
Manager | Fresh Hope Properties