Epping Church of Christ turns 100

07 Aug 2023

By Jenni Gainer (currently serving on Conference Executive as a representative from Epping)

I give thanks to God for the rich Christian heritage of Epping Church of Christ, the church I’ve been privileged to call ‘home’ for the past 60 years!

My parents, Alice and Allan Norling, chose to move to Epping so our family could worship at this church – the church known then for its biblical teaching, vibrant life and family focus, with Harold Long as the minister; the church treasured now for its legacy of faithfulness in ministry and mission to many generations; and the church where Les and I saw our three daughters lovingly nurtured in the knowledge and love of God, and in the wisdom of following Jesus.

Woven throughout the past 100 years a rich tapestry of memories gives testimony to the blessings of God’s favour and faithfulness, His goodness and grace upon Epping Church of Christ!

And so in honour of the centenary of the life and ministry of the church many gathered together on 29th and 30th July for a wonderful weekend of thanksgiving and celebration!

Saturday evening‘s delightful ‘home-cooked’ dinner saw almost 200 people enjoying great fellowship, reconnecting with friends and sharing stories from the past. The venue, adorned with balloons and memorabilia, was the Don Moore Community Centre where Epping church had previously held several ‘missions’! The air was filled with life and laughter throughout the ‘social’ event, with the video presentation reliving many happy and fun memories of church picnics, camps and concerts, anniversaries and musicals over the decades.

Decorated with daffodils, the chapel was full to overflow for Sunday morning’s Centenary Celebration Service, with the rich singing and worship bringing a symphony of praise to God! Many of our younger people took part in various roles with Communion having a central focus within the service.

Our current Senior Pastor, Justin Campbell, interviewed three previous pastors – Keith Farmer, David Moyes and Larry Galbraith – about their time in leadership at Epping. The common threads of their reflections included the strong and dedicated faith of believers throughout many generations, the heart for mission and outreach, ‘that it wasn’t about the programs – it was about the people’ and above all else the blessing and faithfulness of God!

Following the official cake cutting everyone gathered in the hall for further fellowship over a delicious ‘Old & New’ morning tea, with many in attendance speaking of a sense of ‘coming home’, highlighting the value placed upon belonging and community within our Epping church family.

And so at this significant time in Epping’s history, as we continue to ‘strive to be a thriving, all age, cross-cultural church’, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to God, our Heavenly Father, for His abundant blessing upon the past and the present. And, as the future unfolds, we look forward with great expectancy, and in trust, for what God will continue to do in and through our church, Epping Church of Christ, all for His glory.


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