Flood Appeal launched

02 Mar 2022

Caption: Volunteers help a stranded Chinderah resident during the recent floods.


Global Mission Partners Extend (GMP’s entity for emergency responses in Australia) has launched an appeal to support the recovery of people impacted by the severe weather and flooding in New South Wales and Queensland.

M&M team member Jessie Skelly, based in northern NSW has been on the frontlines as the floodwaters moved south from Queensland and gave us an insight into what it’s like on the ground. Jesse is actively involved with local churches to support those who have been forced to relocate.

“In two days, we’ve had a year’s worth of rain. All the levies and walls that were put in place just broke and within 24 hours, people were being rushed out of their homes and into evacuation centres.

“A lot of people haven’t had power for days – most of the people in the evacuation centres are at the point of last resort. No food, no water, no anything for the past day. In Lismore the river hit 14 metres; it’s incomprehensible.

“It’s the worst flood in over a hundred years, and the other night there were boats going through the night getting people off their roofs. It’s catastrophic.”

Please give to support those devastated by these floods. Donations of more than $2 are tax-deductible.

GIVE online at GMP

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