From Fear to Faith – Laura’s Story

02 Dec 2015

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Story courtesy of Global Mission Partners

Bright Solutions women with Laura

I am a Bible College student from NSW and this year I have spent a total of six weeks in Vietnam working with the women at Bright Solutions. My first two-week trip early in the year was difficult. I struggled with the language barrier and found it hard to connect with the women because of the cultural barrier and fear on my part. Regardless of the struggles, I felt God calling me to go back again, this time for a month. And I am so glad that I did. I connected much better with the women, with relationships still where I had left off. 

I had the amazing opportunity to visit one of the women at her rural family home. This experience opened my eyes to the deeper pain of her past that she had not revealed to me when sharing her life story. I was inspired by her family’s love of God. This woman shared her passions and hopes for the future with me. It was a humbling experience to see how much her work at Bright Solutions was transforming her life – not only providing for her family, but giving her opportunities to extend her skills in areas she loves and providing a community of women who are like family to her. 

I was privileged to work with the women on designing five new products over my time and leading them in devotions weekly – which proves interesting when you can’t speak Vietnamese! 

As a whole, my time at Bright Solutions was incredibly rewarding. I loved being apart of the team and working closely with Fiona and the women. I have learnt so much from the team and learnt how valuable their creations are. There is a story of hope behind each product made at Bright Solutions. 

Laura Payne, NSW.


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