Hawkesbury Community Church Braces for More Rain

01 Jan 1970

By Josh Gibbon

As rain batters Sydney this weekend, pray for Hawkesbury Community Church and their local area as they brace for a potential second round of flooding this year.

Glen Clark, Pastor of HCC in Londonderry reflected on the recovery work in their area for the second time in a year after the Western Sydney floods in March 2021.

“A lot of people we helped last year have left now, ” Glen said. “I don’t blame them for leaving. We’re just here to help people the best way we can.

“This year we’ve also lost people due to Covid and our resource has reduced. The people who could respond are burnt out.”

Homes and kitchens that their church helped fund and renovate last year have once again been ruined with an additional 800mm of flooding to 2021.

With more rain on the way, many in the Hawkesbury area are asking the question: Is it wise to rebuild?

“It’s a weird situation at the moment,” Glen said.  “People are asking, ‘Is this worth doing? Could the money be spent better elsewhere? What is the best way to help people?’

Many questions are being asked, but very few answers are being provided by Penrith council.

“What do you do? Do you spend another $10,000 on another kitchen? Or do you spend it on putting their house up on stilts?” Glen said.

HCC’s drop in food and community centre is temporarily closed after it’s floor was covered in water, which has affected their food hamper delivery service.

The school that the church was meeting in on Sundays had a classroom roof fall in due to rain, leaving no space for the church. HCC have now moved into a smaller building around the corner, but it has access issues due to a muddy, water-logged carpark.

Despite this tough and disorientating situation, Glen said they are declining more financial gifts as they want to see it be directed to the heavily impacted people of the Northern Rivers.

“People are just fatigued with the drama,” Glen said.

Let’s be praying for wisdom, resource, and protection from the rain for Glen, HCC, and their local area this weekend.

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