How a Goat Gives Kids a Brighter Future

26 Oct 2021

At Emmanuel Primary School, 87% of the children have lost at least one of their parents. Half of the children have lost both. Orphaned children have experienced darkness in their past–but the Great Gift of a Goat can give them a brighter future.

Too many families in South Sudan have suffered because of war and then civil unrest. In Marial Baai, many fathers, sons and brothers went to fight and did not return. In South Sudan, having a male head of the house means status and participation in the community, as well as having a breadwinner. So, the women and children who are left struggle for a place in society as well as a way to support themselves.

Your Gift of a Goat can give a bright future, full of hope, to vulnerable children in Marial Baai.

Because of generous GMP supporters, Emmanuel Primary School have been able to provide goats to the caretakers of vulnerable children.

Breeding and selling goats (and their milk) provides valuable income for these households. Income that allows them to pay for the children’s education! With three goats, this source of income can grow over many years.

“We have seen God’s blessing in providing the three goats for each caretaker,” one recipient said. “By next year each person will have five goats and in 10 years, how many goats we are going to have! They will multiply.”

“If they stay with us for a long time, they will keep on producing and if they keep producing,we will get income from them. And that money will be used for the needs of the children.”

This income can also pay for other critical education needs. Another person said, “I will also use it to support the child by maybe buying shoes and also medical treatment.”

Many of these families didn’t know if the children would ever be able to go to school. But because Emmanuel was able to provide them with goats, they can!

“When our children were not at school, we lost hope [because] our husbands have died,”one caretaker told us. “But when the school was started, we now don’t feel that hopelessness. We have a future hope–that there is a future for their lives, and we believe that they will be great people in the future.”

Sadly, there are many more vulnerable children in South Sudan and their caretakers also struggle to pay school fees. The Emmanuel Children’s Program wants to help 10 other schools supply goats to vulnerable children’s families. But they can’t do this without your help!

The gift of a goat can give a vulnerable child a brighter future. Your Great Gift can give the resources their household needs to break the cycle of poverty. What an amazing gift that is to give!