Ongoing professional development

Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) is an important part of your professional growth as a ministry leader within the churches of Christ in NSW & ACT community.  

At churches of Christ in NSW & ACT we recognise that ongoing professional development is more than simply building skills and knowledge. We understand that continuous learning for ministers needs to be balanced, helpful and practical while maintaining high professional standards.

Our central themes for ongoing professional development for endorsed ministers are:
• connection
• learning
• spiritual wellbeing

Through ongoing professional development, we encourage our endorsed ministers to relationally connect with others in the churches of Christ in NSW & ACT family, as well as build strong theological understanding and spiritual well-being.

Endorsed ministers and OPD

Endorsed churches of Christ in NSW & ACT ministers are expected to commit to ongoing professional development. The centerpiece of OPD is attending Collective – our annual conference for endorsed ministers and church leaders. This event achieves all three core objectives, and therefore attendance of at least one day at Collective each year is mandatory.

Each year endorsed ministers will need to undertake OPD activities to meet the minimum requirement of OPD points.

• Endorsed, Provisionally and Specially Endorsed: 6 points/year
• Student Minister and Locally Endorsed: 4 points/year

The OPD reporting period is from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Download the Ongoing Professional Development Approval Framework HERE

OPD Activities

Undertaking OPD activities helps to ensure that, as an endorsed minister, you can maintain and grow your spiritual wellbeing and minister to others from a place of spiritual health.

Examples of some of the activities that might be recognised for OPD are:
• attending the annual churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Collective (1 day mandatory per year)
• being mentored by a qualified spiritual mentor.
• being mentored by a qualified professional (pastoral) supervisor.
• participating in a recognised accountability group.
• serving on a churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Agency Board.
• undertaking recognised ministry training through ACOM or churches of Christ in NSW & ACT.

Recording OPD Activities

As an endorsed minister you are required to record your OPD activities with churches of Christ in NSW & ACT.  You can log your activities through the Ministry Portal.

If you are a new member, or don’t have a login, you’ll be asked to create an account.

Upcoming OPD events

churches of Christ in NSW & ACT ongoing professional development events and training are run throughout the year. If there are no events shown here please visit our Events page HERE.

You can also contact us to find out about the next opportunity for OPD, just email

For registered ministry training, please visit ACOM