Jono Prince

Naomi Giles

Olga Ling

Daz Farrell

Jason Hayduk

Andrew Ranucci

Stephen Cathcart

Hope Group Training 14.10.2020

2020 - Session 4 // Finding the Future, Together - Doug Paul

2020 - Session 2 // Four Fulcrums for System-wide Change - Alan Hirsch

2020 - Session 5 // See the Future, Be the Future - Andrew Ball

2020 - Session 3 // Smallness as a Posture for the Reorientation of the Church in Covid-19 - Karina Kreminski

2020 - Session 1 // Faith Or Folly - Andrew Ball


Do you sense the call of God to serve in ministry, pastoral work, or specialised vocational ministry within churches of Christ in NSW & ACT? Endorsement is the formal process by which you are recognised as a ministering person within our network.

You can find out more about this process here.