A rhythm of rest

A sabbatical is a period of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation that provides a valuable opportunity for pastors to take a break from their regular ministry duties. It allows them to recharge their batteries, reconnect with their families, and deepen their spiritual and personal growth. Taking a sabbatical can help pastors avoid burnout, improve their effectiveness as leaders, and enhance their overall well-being. By stepping away from the daily demands of ministry, pastors can gain fresh perspectives, acquire new skills, and renew their passion for serving their congregation. In short, a sabbatical is a valuable investment in a pastor’s personal and vocational formation, and can ultimately benefit both the pastor and the church community.

The draining nature of pastoral ministry means that the stewardship of emotional (and spiritual) resources is an important issue. Part of this stewardship is the biblical principle of sabbath rest (in particular see Lev 25:1-7). I believe this necessity for refreshment and recuperation of the Israeli land is an indication of a general order of creation – ongoing productivity requires regular recuperative rest.

Keith Farmer “The Perfect Storm”

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