Mission and Ministry Grants are open!

27 Sep 2021

The next round of Mission & Ministry Grants will open on 1 October to churches in the Fresh Hope network for projects up to $10,000. 

Usually offered twice a year, the grants are designed to assist churches with new ministry initiatives and resourcing existing facilities or programs.

Two of the latest grants supported a local church leader and interns in their spiritual growth by sponsoring attendance for Navigate.

A day a week, each intern was given the opportunity to come alongside the pastor and office staff to ensure that they experience and were exposed to how church life happened. They were given tasks to help develop their programming, strategic planning and communication throughout the period. There was also communication and dialog between Navigate leaders and church leadership. 

One of the interns shared: “It certainly was an experience. Early morning Bible study sessions, guest speakers, sharing my life story all made for a week of extraordinary spiritual moments. My time at Bible Study had such an impact on me. Before spiritual formation, reading the bible was haphazard. I have never studied the bible like that before, and Matthew was one of the books we had to read. To sum it up, in the year 2020, I felt the Holy Spirit play an incredible role in my spiritual formation journey. The Spirit has transformed my way of thinking and given me a better understanding of how he works in my life, empowering me to strive and be more Christlike.”

A leader from the church community commented “we have all seen a personal and spiritual growth in the interns during and after finishing the program. One preached at both the youth group and the main church service throughout the year. His development in preparation and presentation was noticeable and he was able to be affirmed that this is a gifting of his and the calling on his life was confirmed.”

Applications will close on Friday 12 November, with successful projects being announced in December.

Apply for an M&M Grant HERE