Mission & Ministry welcomes Anne Simpson

14 Jan 2020

I am really pleased to be joining the Mission and Ministry team from mid-January in a four-day role focusing on formational leadership and communication. This comes after two years working in a consulting role with the M&M team, its board, and many years working in a variety of leadership roles in Churches of Christ in Queensland and NSW.

This new role will give me the opportunity to continue to facilitate groups and individuals in the area of spiritual formation through the Spiritual Mentoring and Navigate programs. I will also be working with others to develop the future of Pastoral Supervision for our movement.

I am excited to continue my work with leaders through A Pilgrim’s Way – a 12 month retreat group focused on leading from deeper spiritual places – that I piloted with Ken Wooley in 2019. I am aware of the increasing need to listen and support leaders as they seek to be faithful to God’s call in their communities and I feel deeply humbled to bring together and offer support to men and women who serve as ministers, church planters, chaplains and leaders through this retreat experience.

As well as continuing new A Pilgrim’s Way groups, in 2020 my role will also give me the opportunity to expand my active support for and consultation with local church leaders and a continued involvement in the Fresh Hope Discernment team.

Another aspect of my role will be to develop and improve effective communication pathways between Mission and Ministry and the churches it serves – an aspect that will draw on my background as a journalist. I enter this diverse role with a deep sense of anticipation and the need for dependence on God’s strength and wisdom as I serve among the Fresh Hope family and with a sense of gratitude to my husband Dean and my teenage children who have released me for this opportunity.

Anne Simpson

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