M&M Grants Program Extended to 30 April

25 Feb 2021

With the current round of Mission & Ministry Grants extended to 30 April, the grants team is keen to hear from churches who need support to get their initiative off the ground.

“The M&M Grants were established so that the M&M Team could partner and support local church initiatives and projects,” says Partnerships & Resoucing Ministry Leader Richard Reeve. “We are keen to back in new projects and initiatives and there is a pool of funds available for this purpose. Churches can apply for grants [up to $10,000] for a diverse range of ideas and projects, such as piloting new projects, raising up more mature leaders, or developing targeted resources to support families, or even addressing any WHS issues in your church.

The funds administered by the Grants Assessment Committee (GAC) come from bequests, trust funds, donations and non-designated funds funnelled through Fresh Hope Engage. Program Administrator Judy Francis says, “The money for churches is there, but I don’t know if all our churches know about it. Essentially, if people in our churches need support, financially and relationally, the funds are there.”

Grants Assessment Committee member Gary Sullivan says, “The money ultimately all belongs to God, so we focus on being good stewards [of the funds], seeking to put the money where God wants it to go.” Asked why he’s on the committee, Gary says, “It’s really nice to be able to give back. Some of our churches really do it tough and are always struggling, so it’s beautiful to dispense the funds and help spur the momentum and get things along.” 

Judy admits that writing a funding application can be difficult but says she is there to liaise, and reassuringly explains, “The committee is really here to partner with you to financially support you in developing new kingdom expressions. I’m the ‘in-between’ person in the program. The churches can ring me any time for help. I receive and print off the applications we get, prepare them for the Grants Assessment Committee and am on hand as they work through each proposal. I’m also on the phone with pastors helping guide them through – so if you’re struggling to put a specific request into words, I can help guide you in what you want to achieve so that you can get your application in.”

Richard adds, “We’ve tried to set up the process as simple as possible but with appropriate accountability. If we can help churches complete an application and an acquittal, then we are equipping churches to then apply for other grants from local councils, clubs, etc. Whilst most grants are based on a matching principle of 50/50, the grants committee are very willing to provide more of the funds for new kingdom initiatives and programs.”

Richard and Judy are enthusiastic about the people on the GAC. Richard offers this insight: “The heart of the M&M grants program has always been, ‘How can we help you be bold and courageous in having a go at something new’.” And Judy says, “Working with the GAC is inspiring! It’s not the grants themselves – rather it’s the heart behind this – the GAC really want to build the churches – they really want to partner with you and genuinely support you in the church community.”

So, if you’ve been considering applying for an M&M Grant, now is the ideal time.

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