Name changes for Fresh Hope Resourcing and Fresh Hope Care

01 Sep 2022

Image: Daz Farrell with a sample of the new churches of Christ in NSW logo.


Daz Farrell, Executive Ministry Director of Fresh Hope recently announced a transition to using our historic ‘churches of Christ’ name and the unveiling of the new churches of Christ in NSW logo.

“For some time, I have been aware of an increasing desire in myself and others in the churches of Christ family to be clearer in our identity as a network of churches whose story is drawn from the stream of historic restorationist movements.

A team of leaders from our network gathered last year to do some work around our ethos. Their mission was to re-engage with who we are together, and I believe they brought even greater clarity around the value of being more truly who we are – for the sake of the gospel and our future generations.

So, with the blessing of Conference Executive, I am pleased to announce that for the church-facing ministries of what has been known since 2006 as the Fresh Hope Resourcing Centre, we will be making the return to our name churches of Christ in NSW & ACT.

My hope is that this return to our historic identity will call us to a deeper connection with the themes and values that are foundational to our call – to unity, restoration and life. And that we would be drawn together as a network of churches, under the name and Lordship of Jesus, whose life, death and resurrection is the source of these things.

In addition, our return to identifying ourselves as churches of Christ will give us greater alignment with the broader body of churches who share this history and name – both in Australia and internationally. This change will mean that we will no longer use Fresh Hope to identify our network. However, excitingly, the name Fresh Hope will find its continued life among us as the rebranding of Fresh Hope Care to Fresh Hope Communities! ” (See further details below)

Read the full announcement HERE.


A new logo for the churches of Christ in New South Wales

The transition to the historic churches of Christ name prompted the question of what image (logo) would best complement the change.

We have been working on an adaption of the logo used by Churches of Christ across Australia.

This logo expresses:

  • A refreshed national logo: This reflects our desire for alignment with those in Australia who share our Restorationist history and DNA.
  • The choice of a lower case ‘c’: we gather around Christ and serve alongside the wider body of Christ.
  • A descriptive tagline: ‘Restoration. Unity. Life’ are key touchstones reflecting our historic witness.

What do you think?
If you would like to share your thoughts on this logo, please contact Fresh Hope Communities.

A rebrand for Fresh Hope Care

Dan Dwyer, CEO Fresh Hope Care recently announced a change of brand identity.

“I am pleased to share with you the news that this week we have announced to our staff that the Churches of Christ Community Care organisational brand identity is changing to Fresh Hope Communities.

Churches of Christ Community Care was established by Churches of Christ in NSW over 80 years ago and over that time the organisation has grown in both size and the services it provides to the communities in which it operates. This change allows us to position ourselves in a way that makes it clear to those we engage with, that we are about creating and cultivating communities and a sense of belonging.

We worked with our Community Care board members and a creative agency to develop a new and dynamic brand identity that is modern and fresh and reflects who we are as an organisation and where we are headed.”

Read the full announcement HERE.


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