Neighbour Day, 26 March

26 Feb 2023

By Jo Huntington, Pioneering Coordinator at churches of Christ in NSW & ACT

I’ve been reflecting this week on living alongside new neighbours in the Inner West of Sydney.

We have been in our house for around a year, and I am only now discovering who people are, as I remember names. I’m also piecing together how I might serve and pray for them while dealing with my own hard heart full of judgement and disconnection. I recognise that my posture towards my neighbours reflects something of the heart of God for the community I live in. Offering hospitality, through the lens of Christian tradition, always leads us away from our own comfort towards strangers – even those that live right next door.

I’ve been praying for our network as I reflect on my own neighbourhood and see the encouraging ways that churches engage with prayer, action and reflection in each context.

If you are looking for an opportunity to play in this space, Relationships Australia are encouraging communities to remember their neighbours on a day of action in March: Day of Action | Neighbours Every Day  26th March 2023

Some meaningful actions for consideration might be:

  • praying for the neighbours living and working around your church building. Note: when you don’t know their names, challenge yourself to go and introduce yourself;
  • asking your congregation or small groups to pray for their neighbours in the lead-up to Neighbours Day, and ask for opportunities to serve;
  • hosting a neighbourhood barbeque or morning tea and posting it on the Neighbours Every Day site. (Lots of good resources available to publicise events);
  • handing out gifts for people to distribute to their neighbours with a note from your congregation and noting the Day of Action.

If you would like to talk more about opportunities you have in your neighbourhood, I’d love to talk. You can contact me via

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