Nominations Open for Churches of Christ Conference Executive Board   

01 Aug 2022

Photo: Conference Executive President Victor Tee says board members are key leaders that give spiritual oversight and discernment in our network.

By Josh Gibbon

It’s that time of year when our churches are invited to nominate a member to take a seat at the table of our network’s governing body, the Conference Executive board.  

The board is comprised of pastors and committed members of our churches in NSW who seek God about the future of our network, act as a catalyst for our unity, champion our ethos, and make significant decisions regarding the network’s health and direction.   

In line with changes made at last year’s AGM, Churches of Christ in NSW’s constitution* now appoints nine voluntary positions on the Conference Executive board for three-year terms. Once this new process is fully embedded, each year three of these positions will be open, as three members conclude their term.   

Since 2021 the Conference Executive board’s responsibility has transitioned significantly due to the establishment of the Community Care board. This new board now oversees Fresh Hope Communities’ aged and residential care, retirement living, venues, and affordable housing projects.   

This change has released the Conference Executive board from many operational and regulatory functions to focus their energy on the spiritual oversight and discernment of our network.  

Conference Executive President Victor Tee said, “The work and calling of our board is to steward the ethos and DNA of churches of Christ in NSW & our affiliates in the ACT, which includes Fresh Hope Communities and ACOM. It also works closely with the Property Trust. The focus of our work on this board is discernment and strategic direction. We need board members who can help us champion this and discern the way forward with us. “  



Conference Executive is a team of spiritually mature men and women who oversee the mission of churches of Christ in NSW & our affiliates in the ACT. Some of the duties and expectations for this team include participating in strategy, protecting culture and ethos, empowering leadership, and managing risk and compliance.  

In line with this mission, Conference Executive is seeking nominees for three-year terms who are passionate about seeing the kingdom of God manifest through our network of churches. They need to be able to work collaboratively with others, bringing a diverse range of skills including governance, legal, organisational, pastoral and prophetic vision, missional and entrepreneurial energy, for the flourishing of God’s purposes through all parts of our work.  

This year the board has been comprised by Victor Tee (Kingsford Church of Christ), Emily Drough (Mayfield Church of Christ), Colette Harrison (Bowral Church of Christ), Mike McGarrity (Connect Church Engadine), Ian Phillips (Tweed Heads Church of Christ), Stephen Toomey (Hurstville Church of Christ), Paul Campey (Coast Community Church). In November this year, nominees will be committing to a three-year term, in line with changes agreed at last year’s AGM. Current members will be voted for interim terms that will enable rolling three-year terms to be established.   

Nominations open on 23 August and close on October 18. Nominations will be presented for consideration and voting to Conference Convened (AGM). This year’s AGM on Tuesday 15 November, 2022 as a hybrid meeting (that is both in-person and via Zoom). 

 *In accordance with the constitution, Conference Executive board members must be a member of one of our NSW-based churches. 

Nomination Forms 

If you are nominating someone for Conference Executive, fill out this FORM.

If you are nominating yourself for Conference Executive fill, out 2022 Nomination – Conference Executive & Consent Form. 

Nomination forms need to be emailed to by COB, 18 October 2022.

Please note: Nominees will be required to submit a short video, outlining their intent in nominating for Conference Executive, which will be sent to delegates prior to the AGM.