Not growing weary

22 Feb 2021

Photo: Lowomai church under construction, Fiji 


In a recent letter to GMP Australian supporters, Pastor Doan, from the Churches of Christ in Vietnam, wrote: “2020 has been a challenging and difficult year for the world, including Vietnam and Australia. We know you have also experienced a hard period like us, but you are not weary of doing good work.”
We want to thank you for your support of GMP during a difficult year. It has enabled our partners around the world to persevere through the challenges of the pandemic—to not grow weary in doing good work.
Pastor Raj from Vuci Road Church in Fiji says that during 2020 and the pandemic, God has worked in people’s lives in many ways and has brought families together. “God touched one of our older members who has been supporting families with the supply of groceries during the pandemic and still does now as many families still do not have a stable income.” He thanks God for the growth of the church during this time.
Lautoka-Vitogo Community Church, Fiji, also want to focus on the spiritual growth of all the members in the church during 2021. “We want to identify and train new people to stand up in leadership roles,” says Pastor David Reddy. “Also, to reach out to unbelievers with the word of God.”
The Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (BHCOC) in Bangladesh, held leadership training for church leaders, including women, youth, outreach leaders and community leaders in December 2020. Vana Bawm said, “The training program is a great tool to impact the leaders in doing ministry and various activities such as financial management and evangelism.”
In Zimbabwe, BJ Mpofu reports on a new church plant at Game. “The church is six months old and there is room for growth.” This congregation is overseen by Evangelist Banzi. In2021, BJ would like to see some more congregations in Zimbabwe move from worshipping under the trees and build their own church building. “Every member in the church moulds bricks. Members donate a window or some packets of cement.”
Last year was challenging for the Lomowai congregation in Fiji, who were constructing their new church building. “Getting all the documentation done and then getting it locally funded by the members of the church was quite a task,” Muneshwar says. “We had fundraising events where people brought in clothes, food and snacks to sell. Some even raised chickens to sell to help build the church. Finally, we have a building where we can worship God despite the weather.”
One of the many ways you can continue to support GMP during 2021 is to pray. Colossians 4:2 says, “Do not grow weary in prayer; keep at it.” (TLB)
Prayer is one of the ways that Pastor Doan in Vietnam has felt supported. she says that when you pray, “You are a comforting source and huge encouragement for our spirits.”
Please keep all of GMP partners, projects and ministry in your prayers as they prepare for the new year ahead. Pray that we don’t grow weary.
You can pray for GMP partners using the monthly Going Deeper resource on the GMP website.


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