Pioneering heads to micro churches lecture

31 May 2022
Photo: Rev. Bree Mills delivering the annual Tinsley Lecture at Morling College (images reproduced with kind permission from Microchurches Australia)
By Jo Huntington

On Monday 9 May, a small group of church leaders from our network and Jo Huntington (Pioneering Coordinator) met for a quick meal and catch-up before attending the annual Tinsley Lecture at Morling College to listen to Rev. Bree Mills give an excellent lecture on Micro Churches.

Last year around 40 people from our network joined the Pioneering team in an all-in Zoom discussion around Micro churches.


You may especially remember Bree Mills, from Micro Church Australia who shared her experience of planting micro churches in her Melbourne neighbourhood.

Michael Frost, from Morling College, summarised Bree Mills’ Tinsley Lecture in the following way:





Bree Mills from Micro Churches Australia answered this question by listing seven characteristics. She says micro churches are:

1. SMALL (obviously);

2. SIMPLE (no complicated hierarchies or ministry structures);



5. MISSIONAL (they are outwardly focused on serving others);

6. REPRODUCIBLE (they grow and multiply);

7. PARTNERED (they seek unity and collaboration with other churches).

In other words they are not just dinner parties for disgruntled Christians.”

Interested? Then explore by:

Watching the full lecture HERE.

Connecting with Pioneering: Let the Pioneering team know if you would like to connect with others within the network who are currently training and experimenting with Micro churches. Email us at


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