Property Trust launches Cash Boost tool

27 Apr 2022


By Josh Gibbon

The Churches of Christ Property Trust exists to steward property and assist churches with their long-term and short-term financial needs to enable ministry projects. Could the Trust’s new ‘Cash Boost’ tool help your ministry move forward?

“A lack of money shouldn’t stop ministry.” That’s the belief of Steven Martin, Chair of the Property Trust and pastor of Living Hope Maitland Church of Christ.

Money is often a sticking point in ministry. For many of our teams, finances can feel more like a familiar brick wall than a door to possibilities.  

While we know that God will provide for what he calls us to build, the financial responsibility attached to launching a new ministry, investing church capital, or looking to develop church property can be demanding and daunting. 

In Churches of Christ, we are blessed that in 1947 some forward thinkers established the Property Trust to steward, support, and advise our churches financially. 

Today, the Trust is a flourishing resource, stewarded over generations by men and women who have had one consistent goal: to grow financial assets to feed back into Kingdom work. 

Over its history, the Trust has been vital in seeing countless Kingdom ideas transformed into tangible, healthy churches and ministries with the resources they need to sustain themselves. 

The “Cash Boost” Tool

While many of the projects the Property Trust works on with churches have long-term horizons – the planting of a community, establishing a building or ministry project, undertaking property development, or making investments – the Trust also exists to assist with short-term needs. 

The Trust recently launched a new offering called the ‘Cash Boost’, a short-term, low-interest loan that can be put towards immediate expenses or purchases for your church. 

A Cash Boost loan can be up to $20,000 for up to five years at only a 2.6% interest rate.

“Often, churches need equipment in a hurry but don’t have cash on hand to cover what seems like a really large expense at the time,” Steven said. “But there may be cashflow or members of the congregation willing to commit a weekly amount that could easily cover a small loan repayment.”

Usually, getting a loan for small to medium expenses like a new sound desk, streaming equipment, or building an outdoor COVID-safe gathering area would be difficult and expensive through a bank. 

“We’re giving this to the church at the rate it costs us to provide it,” Steven said. “Really, we see this as a gift and blessing. It’s a sign of the commitment of the Trust board for the way they want to get alongside ministry.”

“What does your church have a heart for?” Steven asked. 

“In my opinion, a lack of money on hand shouldn’t stop ministry. Let’s see how the Property Trust can come alongside your church and help.” 


To contact the Property Trust, please email James Cartwright, Corporate Secretary & Executive Officer on or phone James on 0437 415 931.

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