Property Trust raises investor rate for churches

09 May 2023

by Emily Ferguson

The Churches of Christ Property Trust has raised the investment rate for churches from 2.85% per annum to 3.00% per annum, effective from 1 May 2023.

“The Property Trust helps to build churches by providing low-cost loans and supporting them financially,” said Steven Martin, Chair of the Property Trust and Lead Pastor at Living Hope Churches of Christ.

“Over the last 12 months, the RBA has raised interest rates 11 times, adding an additional 3.50% to mortgages. The Property Trust has added only 0.15% to our borrowing rate over the same period while raising investor rates multiple times. Currently, churches can invest with the Property Trust and receive a 3% return. This can be reinvested or paid out monthly to fund ministry activities.

“The effect of this keeping investment rates high and borrowing rates low is supporting the ongoing financial health of churches, no matter if they borrow or invest,” he continued.

Around half of the churches in the churches of Christ in NSW & ACT network invest with the property trust, some with multiple investments. The investment provides them with a competitive interest rate on funds that are available at 31 days’ notice. The more funds that are invested, the larger the pool of funding available to lend to churches for their initiatives.

Northside Church in Sydney’s Crows Nest is one church that has experienced the benefits of investing with the Property Trust.

“Having held significant loans to fund our church facility and commercial conference centre, we were at the mercy of commercial banks, which made for an anxious experience,” said Senior Pastor Sam Haddon.

“Since transitioning to the Property Trust, it has been a much easier and more supportive experience. Not only does the interest we pay goes back into funding kingdom initiatives, but we’ve benefited enormously from the support and understanding of the Property Trust, particularly through the very difficult COVID era (when our commercial operations had to be suspended), and the competitive interest rates they offer us in comparison to the market.

“James and the team have always been available to help us and provide suggested solutions to our funding needs as and when required. I highly recommend any church looking to borrow or invest to consider our Property Trust as an option.”

To explore investing with or borrowing from The Churches of Christ Property Trust, contact James Cartwright, Corporate Secretary & Executive Officer, on 0437 415 931 or

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