Retreating with Silence & Solitude

01 Nov 2023

By Loani Falconer

The recent Silence & Solitude retreat from 20-22 October was an invitation to disconnect, deepen and discover.

Together we were guided into this space transitioning from the external routines and noise of our daily surroundings, and the internal noise of our constant thoughts and expectations, to a wide unstructured 24 hours where we could engage with Jesus on our own.

Armed with several different contemplative practice ideas, our bug spray and our maps we gently spread out over the property choosing which practices to engage in and setting our own pace. We explored the local walking tracks, a bush labyrinth, and the pool. We sat on rocks, admired God’s creation, wrestled with questions as we discovered more about ourselves and the companionship of Jesus.

We wrote and drew in journals, read books, contemplated some deep places in our hearts, and touched moments of playful joy. As we came back together for the remainder of the weekend we shared meals together and some of our stories.

It was evident that woven through this time we were found, valued, and breathed afresh as we were held in God’s love. We left with some new friends, a longing to return and an increased capacity to carry the awareness of the daily presence of our loving God. 


About The Gift of Silence & Solitude

The Gift of Silence & Solitude (S&S) has been developing since 2021. Arising from the desire of a couple of adventurous followers of Jesus who often felt a pull from the Spirit on their spirit to come away with Him. Deciding to explore these Christian practices of solitude and silence together with a heart to invite others into this space, The Gift of Solitude & Silence was born. Currently, the team is experimenting with facilitating some different spaces for individuals and groups to engage in the practice of silence and solitude including: On The Trail (a hiking retreat), Be Still and Know (a half-day pause), Come Away with Jesus (a weekend retreat with options for self-exploration), and a regular Community Connect space (currently on zoom where we continue the conversation and explore some contemplative Christian practices).

For more information or to get in touch, email or call Peter Dalbrun on 0410 937 209 or Ryan Clift on 0433 012 577.


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