08 Dec 2019

What, you may ask, is RRR? RRR (or 3R) was formed to provide connection, mutual support and encouragement especially to explore and move ministry retirees to new avenues of serving the Lord. RRR—retired, refreshed, refired comes from Caleb’s statement in Joshua 14:12 when he could have sat back in a rocking chair. But he was up for new challenge when he says, “Give me the Hill country”. At 85 he still had great energy and desire (v11). We hope you feel the same!

The first get together of this new ministry happened at Rhodes on 24 October for a luncheon, kindly provided by John Crowther. Not out of his own pocket, of course. It was a group of twenty-two sprightly retirees, although some were more sprightly than others. Great fellowship was had, old friendships were renewed and a good time was had by all.

Joyce Phillips and Geoff Hall shared with us something of the new ministries that they have entered into since their “retirement”. It was greatly encouraging to realise that there are some ministries that are best suited to we retirees.

Keith Farmer was the occasional speaker and developed the theme of the importance of RRR in the years of the fourth quarter. Taking each of the 3Rs in turn, he developed what might be called a “theology of RRR”. But it was more than that: it was also a practical insight into how important it is for the individual and the Kingdom.

There will be more such occasions next year. Keep your eyes peeled.


Dennis Nutt