Safe Water September Challenge

10 Aug 2020

“There are no problems in the world that we can’t fix when we work together, listen deeply to one another, and partner up for the long haul. ” – Mitch Salmon, Embody National Coordinator.⁠

Safe Water September returns in 2020! Last year challenge takers like you smashed our fundraising record, providing $162,500 to support safe water projects in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu. This year the challenge is back with a revamped look and new options for challenge takers! We’re aiming to raise $150,000 to continue the work of our partners on the ground in vulnerable communities. Can you drink nothing but water for one month to transform lives through safe water? The whole world knows the value of water and sanitation, and this is our chance to help vulnerable communities prevent the spread of viruses and diseases through good hand washing, education, and access to clean water. For the cost of just four cups of coffee, you can transform a life in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu. Gather a team to take the challenge with and sign up at because every person deserves safe water.

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