Small steps of adventure produce bravery

28 Jan 2021

Photo: Greg (second from left) and other Navigate students enjoying each other’s company over a meal.

In the quiet suburbs of Goulburn, bravery isn’t a quality that many would think to pursue. Things are slower and stiller than in a big city. And in a COVID-affected world, it would have been easy to write off 2020 as a year where that quietness was more pronounced than ever.

For Greg Tyrrell, however, these past 12 months have been life-changing because of his experience with Fresh Hope’s Navigate program. Navigate took a quiet guy, from a quiet town and invited him into growth, confidence, adventure … and bravery.

“I grew up in Sydney, in Tempe. I met my wife, and that’s when we thought Goulburn might be a nice place to settle down, instead of the busyness of Sydney,” Greg said.

Witnessing his sister’s Navigate experience a few years earlier, Greg had seen its benefits but shelved the idea of stepping into a cohort himself. “Marie [Greg’s sister] did Navigate … and from that I picked up little bits and pieces, and it sat with me for a few years. Then I sort of thought this might be something I’d like to do.”  

Wanting to go deeper in his faith without the load of a college degree, Greg took a small step of faith and signed up for Navigate 2020. The benefits were immediate. 

“I remember the first day we were at Navigate, one of the guys was speaking, and I felt God telling me that he would bring me out of myself. Before that I was quiet, an introverted person, very shy. I felt like God was saying he’d bring me out of that. I just felt like God said to me ‘Be brave’,” Greg said.

The year wasn’t seamless, with COVID changing an in-person experience to being online. This, however, opened new opportunities for students to benefit from regular community and growth. Greg said, “We had a Bible-reading group on Zoom one or two mornings a week, which was really good to get together.” 

Looking back over the year, Greg can see God’s fingerprint in the change he has experienced. From never considering preaching ministry, Greg’s brave step has led him into new ministry frontiers in his local community. He said, “Friends back at church have noticed a huge change in me. I’ve been speaking, doing a couple of sermons at church. I’m getting ready to do one this week!” God’s invitation to Greg has brought about a new confidence in his family, his ministry and his walk with Jesus.

Greg is convinced of the benefits Navigate has had on his life and would encourage anyone who is looking to go deeper to consider signing up, saying, “It’s really changed my life. It would change anyone’s life.”

Navigate Regional is seeking to bring the Navigate experience into closer relationship with our local churches and their communities. To find out more watch HERE.

Applications for Navigate Regional close on February 7. You can apply HERE.