Spreading hope in challenging places

17 Mar 2021

Photo: Yulia at a church gathering in Indonesia

Yulia loads her motorbike onto a wooden raft as she prepares to cross the Kapuas River. The river cuts across the Sanggau Regency in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, where Yulia ministers to people in remote communities. As she serves people on both sides of the river, she frequently has to cross the more than 500 metres of water with her little dirt bike.

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“Our location is very remote from the nearest town,” Yulia tells us. “There is no public transportation except private vehicles. So, we need to drive dirt bikes for four hours along slippery, muddy roads, made worse after it’s rained.”

As Yulia says, the roads in Sanggau are not maintained well. They can be narrow and incredibly slippery. Many sections are unpaved, meaning they become swampy and muddy in the wet. Despite this, Yulia travels these roads on her bike, because she has been called to share the love of Jesus. 

“I praise the Lord that the people here have given me opportunity to take part on a committee for a kindergarten where I am able to teach as well.”

“Many times, the trail is very slippery and I’ve fallen in the mud many times! Ha!” Yulia laughs. “When I have some leisure time, I go to three other villages to reach out. I also keep telling the gospel to the people along the road when we walk together, kind of like the Road to Emmaus story.”

The places that Yulia travels to are remote and rural. They lack many things that we in Australia can take for granted. 

“There is no internet, no electricity, no toilets. We have to take a bath at what’s called a ‘Topen’ (an open restroom at the edge of the river). It’s because of God’s grace that I can go this far.”

Without her motorbike, Yulia wouldn’t even be able to visit these remote communities. Global Mission Partners annual Walk for Hope appeal provides Yulia and other motorbike evangelists with have the tools they need to share the message of the gospel!

Walk for Hope is an annual appeal, held over Easter, that invests into local churches, Christian colleges and outreach programs in GMP’s partner countries. The focus of funds raised is empowering churches to reach their own communities and give them the resources they need to persevere despite the difficulties they face.

When she reaches the other side of the river, Yulia still has another three kilometres to walk before she reaches her destination. But in her words, there is nothing but hope! 

“What a joy that I can share good news to the people here,” Yulia says. “I feel truly blessed that my life is valuable before God, and I can be a blessing to others here.” 

“Please pray for my continued ministry in this challenging place.”


Help share hope this Easter by participating in GMP’s Walk for Hope initiative. Find out more HERE.