SRE Community Recognition

03 Dec 2018

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On Thursday 22nd November, a special celebration of SRE in NSW public schools was held at NSW Parliament. The event was used to showcase the wonderful benefits of Special Religious Education in our schools – something only possible because of the many volunteers that make it happen.

One of our own, Peta Bale from Fresh Hope Armidale, received an award in recognition of the wonderful work she has done for SRE in her community. Peta has been an SRE teacher for more than 20 years in Armidale and over the past 5 years has also led a team that coordinates scripture within the town. As an SRE teacher she has always helped her students to question, explore and discover their faith through lessons which are interesting and engaging. 

Congratulations Peta!

If you, or your church would like to get more involved with SRE, then please feel free to contact Ross Stewart to discuss how you can make a contribution to your local school community in 2019.