SRE Sunday is almost here!

14 May 2019

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What is SRE Sunday?
SRE Sunday is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the great work of SRE teachers in our local schools across New South Wales. It is also an opportunity to invite and inform our community about Christian SRE and its importance in schools and the fabric and culture of Australia.

When is SRE Sunday?
We are encouraging all local churches in New South Wales to nominate an appropriate Sunday preferably in May or June for SRE Sunday. Different churches in the same area may choose a different day or date depending on their other commitments. If you cannot have your SRE Sunday in May or June, any other time of the year is also OK.

What can we do?
There are various resources available to support you and your church for SRE Sunday, including videos, posters, banners and other information on Christian SRE you can
register and download here.

We are also encouraging churches to take this opportunity to interview their local SRE teachers or showcase one of the many SRE videos. There are lots of other ways you can show your support too. You could host a Q&A with an SRE teacher, involve students both past and present, set up an SRE information display, put up a banner, or even organise a fundraising event especially for your SRE team. The main thing is that we celebrate the work of SRE and make sure that our communities know what it means for our students.

SRE Sunday is a perfect time to invite families in your area to hear about Christian SRE. Young students may invite their friends. Youth Groups may encourage parents to attend. You may even choose to invite local community leaders, politicians, school principals etc. If you have children, know children, or have ever been a child then SRE Sunday is relevant for you.

We are very blessed here in New South Wales in having Christian SRE available in classrooms right across our state and it is vitally important that we never take this for granted. Your prayers are always needed and at this time we are encouraging individuals and prayer groups to specifically pray for our SRE teachers, their students and families too.

Big Questions
Keep an eye out for our ‘BIG Questions’ SRE Bus Campaign in your area.

These buses are creating greater awareness in the wider community and are supported by individuals just like you. The ‘BIG Questions’ are examples of just some of the questions that students ask in our SRE classes. If you are interested in supporting this initiative or want to know more about the bus campaign then go to our GiveNow page here.

SRE Sunday Resources:

  • Service Prerolls
  • Images
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Bumper Stickers
  • SRE Information
  • Leaflets
  • Videos
  • Postcards

Register and download here