The Adventurous Spirit – Your Life, Your Response?

12 Jun 2015

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According to Dr Friedman, when societies, nations, communities or churches become stuck there is an imaginative gridlock that forces people to try harder, look for answers and divert to black and white thinking. All of these responses continue the gridlock and subvert the energy of life, thus creating chronic stuck-ness.

So how do we get unstuck in life and in church? Dr Friedman asserts we need to pursue serendipity. To be serendipitous means that one intentionally pursues an aptitude for desirable discoveries by accident. It requires a sense of risk, change and adventure.   

I am reminded that this so typifies the life of the early disciples. As he walked the shores of Galilee, Jesus recruited disciples into a life of adventure and risk. They had no idea of what was coming or where they were going, but in outrageous faith, ventured forth in response to the question ‘Come follow Me.’

The Adventurous Spirit theme poses a question – what will it take for you to be courageous and creative in your context? It is our hope that you have the courage to change, to move beyond the normality of life as you know it. This is indeed the quest of living for Jesus in the context of His Kingdom. This is your life and the key question is – how will you respond?

Dr Andrew Ball
Executive Ministry Director
Fresh Hope