The End of a Season

18 Jun 2020

Photo: Fiona Briers with the Bright Solutions team.

GMP partner Fiona Briers has journeyed with many marginalised women in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in the development of the vocational training company Bright Solutions.

Over the past 10 years, the women have acquired sewing and handicraft skills and participated in programs to increase their abilities and expertise.

The highly crafted interactive children’s play products produced by the women were not just delightful, but the means through which a woman’s livelihood, self-esteem and capacity towards economic independence was provided.

However, the end of a season has come, and at the end of this month the Bright Solutions empowerment program will close.

The difficult decision was made after professional analysis of the business, and considered the high impact changes to marketing and distribution in Vietnam and Australia due to the effects of COVID-19.

Bright Solutions will officially remain operational until the end of 2020 to assist the women transition successfully to new microenterprise businesses or alternative options, whilst selling all remaining stock.

While difficult, Fiona shares that the decision seems timely and God-directed.

“To you all, we thank you for walking with us along this10-year journey. You have been our strength and ever-appreciated supporters,” she said. “I indeed value your prayers as we proceed through liquidation; that the Lord will grant me discernment in ways to daily encourage each woman; for the Lord’s unending mercy to help us finish well!”

GMP’s SA/NT Partnership Coordinator, Val Zerna, visited Bright Solutions just before the COVID-19 travel restrictions. “Pray for Fiona and the Bright Solutions women in this time of significant change,” she said. “Especially for Fiona – there will be the challenge of concluding the organisation and the major reorientation of life after a decade of passionate service and connection in Vietnam.”

The Bright Solutions range is still be available for purchase at

Originally published in Global Mission Partners In Partnership Newsletter. 

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