The spiritual practice of making sourdough

02 Mar 2022

Caption: Nathan Marshall in his kitchen, speaking about the spiritual practice of making sourdough


For Nathan Marshall, the practice of making sourdough has been a journey of spiritual reflection.

In his three-part short episode series, ‘The spiritual practice of making sourdough,’ Nathan Marshall takes us through both the process of making sourdough from its messy beginnings through its forming and shaping to its baking into a loaf to be broken and shared.

Each episode is an invitation to look beyond the process into our own journey of being formed by God for his own delight and for sharing with others.

Episode 1 – “The Creation Process” takes as its inspiration the account of Genesis. Nathan explores how we might tune into God’s movements, posing thought-provoking questions for reflection, such as how you might pay attention to the divine spark in your own life.

Episode 2 – “Stretching and Shaping” draws on Matthew 5 and Nathan asks how we might identify where we ought to add salt to our lives and ministries.

Episode 3 – “Baking to Completion” reflects on the experience of heat in your kitchen as your sourdough cooks in the oven underscores the possibility of transition and transformation in our own lives.


This video series also comes with a Participants Guide, including the instructions for making your own sourdough and discussion questions for groups for each episode. 

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