Vale Kevin Crawford

08 Dec 2019

Kevin Crawford exercised leadership within Churches of Christ throughout Australia from the time he entered Woolwich Bible College in 1955 to his retirement at the close of 1991. His first full time ministry was at Caringbah (1958–1961) as successor to E.C. Hinrichsen. During that time he also served as treasurer of the Woolwich College. Between 1962 and 1978 he served as Director of the Department of Home Missions and Evangelism. As Director he encouraged local church interest in organisations such as the Lay Institute for Evangelism and Navigators and was instrumental in introducing the church growth movement to Australia. In 1969 he served on the Australian Executive Committee of the Billy Graham Crusade.

Along with his Home Missions responsibilities, Kevin also served for several years as the part-time Conference Secretary. He took up the latter role full-time in1979 and exercised it until his retirement. He served as Federal Conference President from October 1978 to October 1980.

Kevin Crawford was instrumental in obtaining the Stanwell Tops Christian Conference Centre properties (1970 and 1977) and setting up its operational basis. The “Tops,” as it is now known, continues to serve Churches of Christ and the wider community.

It can with justice be claimed that Kevin Crawford’s years as minister, department head, and Conference Secretary set the highest standard. We gratefully seize this opportunity, as those who have experienced the warmth of his loyal friendship, to acknowledge our debt and salute him at the close of his earthly journey.